Teeth Whitening at Centro Dental

All over the world, people are discovering that a simple teeth whitening procedure can rejuvenate the way they look. If you’re interested in showing off a brighter, more dazzling smile, the team at Centro Dental in Geraldton can assist you with an in-chair or take-home whitening system.

A Single Appointment

If you choose to have our in-chair whitening procedure, you’ll be in and out quickly in about a half-hour. During your visit, our team will warmly greet you and bring you back to the dental chair. You’ll have trays custom-fitted to you that are filled with a professional-grade whitening solution. We’ll supervise you the whole time to ensure your comfort and safety. When the time is up, your teeth will be remarkably whiter. With Pola’s advanced formula, the chances of sensitive teeth afterwards are greatly reduced.

Whitening at Home

If you find it difficult to come to our clinic for an extra appointment, it may be best to choose the pola night whitening system. Applied while you sleep, it gives protection against sensitivity and protects your gums from damage. It’s available in different strengths to achieve a higher or lower degree of whitening as you wish.

Why Choose Pola?

Pola is a market leader that is used around the globe. It is a noninvasive method of brightening your teeth by breaking down deep stains that are then turned into oxygen and water ions. These colourless particles are then swept away by your saliva.

The process of whitening with Pola is quick, convenient and highly effective.

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