Children's Dentistry in Geraldton

We know that you want to give your children the best start in life-but what you may not have considered is that it starts with their oral health!

Oral health is connected to overall health, and keeping their smiles happy and healthy won’t just improve their confidence, but help them grow big and strong just as intended. We’re proud to offer dental services for children and look forward to welcoming your family to our practice.

Effective Care for Kids

For children, we typically focus on preventative dental care and educating them on proper oral hygiene techniques so that they can enjoy healthy, strong teeth.

Some of the preventative measures we offer include:

This helps to keep your child’s enamel strong, making it more resistant to decay.

Catching cavities early is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Children are often great candidates for braces if they’re facing bite problems or crooked teeth.

We’ll help your child form positive dental habits that they can use outside of our practice.

This helps to ensure everything is developing properly and that no infections or issues are present.

Molars in the back of the mouth often trap food and debris which can lead to decay or cavities. To combat that, we can “seal” off those teeth to make them easier to clean for your child.

Is your child active in sports? We offer custom fit mouthguards for the athletes of the future.

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