Sedation Dentistry at Centro Dental

Have you ever felt apprehensive about visiting the dentist? Perhaps you’ve even experienced anxiety or a feeling of dread. Some people have a dental phobia that makes them put off their dental checkups. The team at Centro Dental understands how you might feel and offers sedation dentistry to help you comfortably get through each of your appointments.

If you’ve had a negative experience at a dentist’s office, we want you to know that it doesn’t have to prevent you from having the dental care that you require. The many reasons people put off their appointments include a fear of pain, injections or a drilling sound, a sensitive gag reflex and a lack of time or money. If you give in to your fear, you can end up harming your oral health, experience extreme discomfort, lose your teeth or compromise your facial profile.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We’ve got you covered. Our dentists provide nitrous oxide sedation, which is also referred to as laughing gas. It’ll help you feel confident and comfortable while you’re in the dental chair. A mask is placed over your nose and you’ll breathe normally, inhaling the mild sedation while staying fully conscious. Treatment can then be completed while you are feeling calm and relaxed. Afterwards, you won’t have to worry about a recovery time. You can return immediately to your daily activities without concern for any side effects.

Completing Multiple Procedures

If you’ve put off your dental care for a longer period of time, you may require more than one procedure. We’ll work with you to help you determine a time frame that you are comfortable with. If you prefer, we can schedule multiple procedures together so that you can be done with your care in as few appointments as possible. Others prefer to space out their procedures on a timetable that they decide in consultation with their dentist. We’ll work with you to accommodate your wants and needs.

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